Havent been here in a while………

After a few months of almost forgetting I had a blog I am back! A lot of interesting events have happened and a lot of new life ventures have came my way. Lets first get back to my previous post of a few months ago in regards to my so called “career fork in the road”. I shall give you the wikipedia or spark note edition to cut to the chase and move on to more current endeavors.

I continued subbing at a local elementary school for almost the entire year last year and got a good reputation of being a good hard worker and believe it or not good with kids ( never thought I would here that ). Then summer came and it was back to work as a catering/bartending maniac as I worked 40 plus hour weekends. I did however continue my job search and got absolutely nowhere. I gave up. I am  a smart kid yet no one was giving me any kind of chance but the school system. Therefore I began to consider getting into education. 

Another school year started and I was back to coaching soccer and subbing. Soccer went well for the varsity team as we won the southern division championship. On the other hand my JV team was all 7th and 8th graders and we won only one game. Lets skip that and get back to it, so I was subbing again. I started off mainly in the exceptional behavior room everyday. It was challenging because that was more of a one on one setting along with actual classes. It was not bad but that led to possibly the biggest move yet in my so called career path. 

ALC or as they call it alternate learning center  here at the school. Other schools call it ISS or in school suspension. The women who was head of the program left to work on another assignment at another school. I was asked then to be her fill in until she came back. I agreed because that means id be working everyday and getting money everyday. I did not know how much of a impact working in this position would have on my outlook on life. Its lunch time so ill be back soon !!