Back To The Chase

I graduated college and was slightly nervous to enter the real world seeing I felt like I learned nothing in school. I felt like I wasted thousands. I quickly began looking for  internships or jobs anyhwere in the county in any business field. I wanted a internship for grad school sake but my college kind of screwed me but thats another story. So, I had a friend help me type a resume and cover letter while I waited anxiously for any sort of response. Well I will be honest I recieved not one phonecall or interview only automated emails saying the usual hoopla “you have no experience” or “sorry we are continuing our search” It sucked, actually it totally sucked because I did not want to be stuck doing construction work all my life. Until one day.

I was having a blast with a sledge hammer at the old local middle school knocking out a wall. I was carrying some stuff outside where a buddy of mine said ” Hey man you should apply for the soccer coaching job”. My response was something like this ” Maybe” I just wasnt sure . It was time consuming but at the same time I  was jobless. So I took the job and became the highschool head JV coach. Then things got even more interesting. I was given the idea to try to substitute teach. HELL NO!!! I thought. First I dont even like kids ( im being honest ) and second of hall I dont like kids. After some thinking I put my views aside and put my name in to some for the district. My first substitute job…….5th grade!!! Teaching!!! I never even thought of being a teacher and here I am teaching or trying to teach or as I call it “babysitting” I wasnt sure how I would like it but I thought id give it a shot…..stay continued


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