Lets Cut To The Chase……

Alright, I feel like I am  in a dilema in which most young adults face. What should be my career path? I studied (unfortunatly) sports management in college and thought it was the right thing to pursue. After getting through a few semesters I ultimatly concluded that the major I was  putting time into was not the right major for me and a wasteful one. I say wasteful because in the area I live in which is the lovely Berkshire County there is absolutly zero oppurtinity for this field. If there is it is nothing major.

What I really wanted to study at firt was  radiology before anything business just to throw that out there. But, seeing how business was what I came to somewhat enjoy I looked for different options. I started to read up and study basic finance and economical principals along with basic accounting. These areas of business really intrigued me and my quest to learn everything possible one the subjects began. My new major was over before it had began due to the fact I would basically start over my undergrad after being one for 3 years already. So i  stuck it out and passed with flying colors and graduated!!! Exciting right? But little did I know my entire outlook on my career path would quickly change……..stay tuned


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